Digital Learning is Child’s Play!


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Digital Learning is Child’s Play!

Explore, achieve and extend your learning goals with Playbase Online

Playbase Online Training promotes digital learning and inclusion in life, work and study online. We do this by embedding these skills within our courses in Child Development, Early Years Play and Professional Practice in Childcare. As you learn about play through the eyes of a child, join in online discussions and upload activities, your own online learning experience will grow and develop.

Our training is aimed at:

  • Aspiring childcare workers, or those already working with children without a qualification
  • Parents and carers who want to know how to best support their child’s learning and development
  • People who want to learn basic digital skills, especially if they intend to study further – on or offline
  • People seeking an entry-level (SCQF Level 3) accredited qualification to facilitate further study in a field of their choice.

Our next step is to connect and work in partnership with organisations whose clients and group members would benefit from our courses. You may be currently working with individuals or groups who we can deliver to:

  • Young or lone parents
  • Women’s groups
  • Men’s groups
  • Those seeking to develop digital skills in a meaningful context
  • Individuals who live rurally or remotely, without access to first step training.
  • Groups accessing a local service such as a job club or ESOL class
  • Parents and carers who want to gain knowledge of child development
  • Parents and carers who find it difficult to play with their children
  • Parents who don’t live with their children
  • School leavers looking for a first step towards college, perhaps with a curiosity about Early Years Education
  • Foster carers or those considering fostering and adoption

This is not an exhaustive list by any means. We are an evolving organisation with a prerogative to respond to the expressed needs of the learners we engage with. We invite new audiences and we adapt to respond to their diverse experiences, needs and interests. This diversity is what makes learning exciting and valuable, and it constantly transforms our understanding of what it means to care for our youngest citizens.

Like the sound of what we do? We would love to hear from you! Have a browse around the website, Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, book a course here, or even give us a call 0131 554 8873.

Sam Gardner

First published on SCVO website