Graduation Day for Playbase 3 Students


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Graduation Day for Playbase 3 Students

The atmosphere was relaxed as the students of Playbase 3 completed their last class.  The tutor drew the session to a close and introduced Board members to present the certificates.

Photos were taken and natural smiles were in abundance but there was a slight sadness too as this was to be the last time the group would be together following six months of weekly classes.  The students had progressed through Playbase 1 and 2 courses and solid friendships had been made that would continue long after graduation day.

But along with reflection was a real sense of achievement and determination to carry on their studies and progress with careers in childcare.  One of the graduates Chandrima Lala said:

“The Playbase courses have given me confidence in myself and a determination to work in childcare.  I know I need the experience but I will keep trying and perhaps work on a voluntary basis at first before getting paid work. “

Anna Bednarkzyk who studied childcare in her native Poland was keen to learn the differences in regulation and best practices here in the UK.  Anna said:

“I’ve really enjoyed the courses at Playbase and I have learned so much.  I intend to continue with my studies and perhaps go to college or go straight to work in a nursery where I can practice my new skills.”

Over lunch we celebrated the cultural diversity of the group with the students having prepared dishes from their native countries.

Mother and daughter Yasmin Ilyas Mughal and Rabea Mughal are pleased they had taken the course together and Yasmin is finding out what other courses she can do to improve her skills further.  Yasmin said:

“I love children.  Many of the local children drop in to see me after school for a chat and a snack and I’m always happy to see them.  I can’t think of anything more rewarding than working in childcare.  It would be like a dream come true.”

The new students of Playbase 3 starting in April 2015 will also be able to complete their course purely online.  So here’s to developing some new virtual friendships too!