Where Are They Now: Interview with former student Jackie Gaunt


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Where Are They Now: Interview with former student Jackie Gaunt

What did you do before taking the Playbase training course and why did you apply? 

Prior to working in childcare, I started work as an Office Junior progressing to an Office Supervisor position before I left to have my second child.  It was only as I was looking for a career which would suit my family circumstances and coincide with school holidays that I thought about working with young children. After completing a Playbase 1 Course, I started working for Edinburgh Council as a Sessional Crèche Worker and over the last 15 years have worked in various capacities dealing with children and their parents/carers.

A few years ago, I decided to look at furthering my academic qualifications and after studying an Access to Humanities Course at College, I realised that I really enjoyed the presentation/ tutoring part of the course.  When I heard that Playbase were looking for an extra Tutor, I quickly applied and have just completed a Trainee Tutor Training Course.

What did you learn on the course and how did it help you personally and professionally?

I learned how to encourage group participation by asking the students lots of questions and delivering them in a manner which everyone would understand.  It was also apparent that the diversity across the group attending the sessions brought a wealth of personal knowledge and experiences which enhanced group discussions and learning.

This learning experience has helped me personally as I have grown in confidence and I have expanded on my knowledge and understanding of childcare and how to deliver this information in a way which is interesting and informative to others.

What are you doing now?

I am currently working for City of Edinburgh Council, Community Learning and Development:

  • as a Sessional Crèche Worker (looking after young children whose parents/carers are attending  classes/courses)
  • as a Sessional Project Worker - assisting with introductory sessions for new P1’s, occasional open days/family fun days, etc., class led projects/information meetings
  • as a Sessional Tutor for an Arts & Crafts Family Group (where parent and child spend some quality time together making simple art/craft objects
  • I also work for YMCA Edinburgh – Acorn Centre
  • as a Crèche Worker (for a Women’s Group on Tues. afternoons where the young children come to the crèche while the mums, grannies, carers do varied activities)
  • (new and for a limited time – so far!) assisting with Play Rangers (where staff facilitate and oversee a group of primary aged children playing outdoors)

And more recently...

I am now studying as a Play-Base Trainee Tutor and am thoroughly enjoying it and I believe my many years’ experience in Early Years Childcare will be of benefit to our students’ learning.