playbase 2


Flexible child development training for mums, dads, carers, and those interested in a career in childcare. Course outlines and links to apply for a course are here.

playbase 2

This course looks at different types of play and how young children develop in different play settings. It explores the roles of mums, dads and playworkers in giving children the right experiences for their age and stage. Other topics include language and storytelling, and the value of observing children at play.

People who would like to take another step towards working with young children. Parents and carers who’d like to know more about their child’s development and how to support their learning through play.

We’ve written our course notes to make them clearer for people with language or reading needs. Our training support worker can also help you.

Course fees are £60/£10* for an eight week course. *The lower cost is for people who receive eligible benefits.

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