Understanding Play


Flexible child development training for mums, dads, carers, and those interested in a career in childcare. Course outlines and links to apply for a course are here.

Understanding Play

This course looks more deeply at child development and explores a range of play that enhances young children’s development and well-being. Two textbooks will add to your understanding. The course also covers behaviour, language development and communicating with parents. You will learn about the early thinkers who formed the base of modern education – Froebel, Montessori and Steiner. Once you complete the course you will have a greater understanding of how children learn and how you can best support their learning.

Playworkers who are keen to extend their standard of childcare practice and education. If you’ve taken Playbase 1, 2 and 3 you can apply for this course, although we prefer students to have experience in a play setting.

We’ve written our course notes to make them clearer for people with language or reading needs. Our training support worker can also help you.

Course fees are £60/£10* for an eight week course. *The lower cost is for people who receive eligible benefits.

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