what people say

what people say

People say nice things about us and here are some examples from our students.

I feel comfortable in class because the tutor is friendly and kind. She always has a smile on her face and clearly explains the worksheets.

Gulfidan, Playbase 1 & 2

I have found the courses very interesting and I have gained a lot of information on the courses that I will apply practically in the future.

Robina, Playbase 1 & 2

This course delivers professional information about child development. I think that parents or anyone who wants to understand and support the development of children would really benefit from this course. There is lots of flexibility in the course and the tutor is very helpful. This is a fantastic course and I have really enjoyed it! I will be carrying on to the next level.

Anna, Playbase 1 & 2

Friendly and supportive tutors that share knowledge and experiences in a very welcoming and flexible environment!  It helped to build my confidence in understanding my own child’s development and has given me the possibility of a future career in this area!

Lee, Playbase 1 & 2

The course gave me confidence. Before the course I found it difficult to go into a crèche to speak to the staff. I didn't think I could but now I believe I can work with children.

Manochitra, Playbase 1